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Athirudram 2017
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Our Next Big Event on July 27th to August 07 2017

Jagat Guru Shri Adi Shankara has professed that "In this Janma, we have certain duties known as "Vidhis". Negligence of such Vidhis, knowingly or unknowingly, is called "Nishedham" and this incurs "Paapam". According to Sanatana Dharma, participation in religious activities like "Athirudram" serves as "Prayaschitham" and helps us remove all the paapam we have incurred in our previous births and in this birth. By reciting the Lord's name we seek atonement for our sins and His blessings to lead a righteous life and attain 'Moksha'.

With this as our goal, we are going to be performing Athirudram at the Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre Of Scarborough (Location info provided below) on on July 27th to August 07 2017. 11 people reciting the entire Shri Rudram eleven times makes one Ekadasa Rudram. 11 recitations of Ekadasa Rudram makes up one Maha Rudram (1,331 recitals of Shri Rudram). 121 ritviks chanting Shri Rudram 121 times (14,641 times) makes up an Athi Rudram. This is our biggest task yet and it requires a lot of support from all of you. Donation options and location information is provided on this site further below. You can download the flyers for the Athirudram here.

About Us

We are students learning Veda from Guruji Sri Balakrishna Sastrigal, Brampton. Guruji has learnt the entire Vedas in his very young age, staying at the Vedapatasala in Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, India in very traditional manner. He is well known for his extensive knowledge, command of the scriptures, clarity and a resonating voice. These classes started in 2007 with about 10 students and currently more than 60 students are learning under Guruji. We all consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have such a great person in this part of the world and consider this as our "Poorva Janma Punniyam" and submit our heart felt pranams. Veda Shastra Cultural Sabha Inc is a Canadian registered Not-for-profit organisation, duly incorporated to uphold Hindu religious tenets and propagate dharma by following Vedic principles. We are currently in the process of applying for CRA exemption and at present any contribution to the organization is not tax deductible

Listed below are some of the events we have done as a group.

Athi Rudram - June 2015

Brampton Vedha Group's first Athirudram launched in grand scale and successfully completed over the course of 10 days. We plan to do it again this year with all of your support

Ekadasa Rudram - January 2011

Shri Rudram has 11 anuvakas of Namakam and 11 anuvakas of Chamakam. After Each chanting of one round of Rudram, one Anuvaka of Chamakam is chanted. Eleven recitations of Rudram followed by one recitation of Chamakam is called Ekadasa Rudram.

Maha Rudram - June 29 2012

This is the biggest and most challenging event we have done so far! The Maharudram involved chanting Rudram 1331 times and Chamakam 121 times. Under the guidance of our Guruji, we chanted and completed the event over a course of three days.

Sudharshana Homam - June 2014

Lord Sudharshana is the personification of the discus held by Lord Vishnu. And it is Lord Sudharshana who this homam is centered around. It is a grand event consisting of chanting 1008 aavarthis of the moola mantra which was performed by our Ritviks.


Map of the location where Athirudram takes place is given below. You can submit any queries to athirudramtoronto@gmail.com

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Option 1: Kalasam

1331 Decorated Kalasams will be placed in front of 11 groups of ritviks who will be chanting Shri Rudram. Following 11 days of Vedic chanting and Abhishekam, to Lord Shiva, the water contained in the Kalasams will be charged with spiritual force and is very auspicious. You can support us by sponsoring one of these kalasams and will be presented to you on the conclusion day. Sponsorship of one Kalasam will cost CA $151.

Option 2: Custom Amount

You can also participate in this great yagna by contributing a custom amount of your choice which would go towards various other expenses such as pooja materials, stage and alter decorations, seating and tent arrangements, garland and flower arrangements, freight, transportation, packaging , conveyance, electricity and other utility related expenses.